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Founded by Rachel Dodoo, THE RD COLLECTION, comprises skin care, beauty and aromatherapy products. The collection’s signature products are RD Candles, Melts and Diffusers.

With 28 years of Pharmacy experience, Rachel was abruptly laid off after 14 years of diligent service as a community Pharmacist with a retail chain drugstore due to the Covid19 pandemic. As a result, Rachel decided to use her pharmaceutical knowledge and expertise to create quality natural based products for her consumers. RD Candles and Melts is a mix of soy blend wax and carefully selected fragrance oils infused with natural essential oils to create Aromatherapy Candles, Melts and Diffusers. The scents are soothing yet energetic.  Customer reviews indicate that RD products “lift you up!” In the case of her candles, Rachel uses mostly wooden wicks that burn with a crackling sound, creating a calming ambiance. And the best part, 10% of your purchase will support charities for underserved children.

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