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RATTAN Diffuser Reeds are made from high quality, responsibly harvested rattan reeds. The reeds are 3mm in diameter and 10 inches in length to allow for maximum flow, or “wicking,” of the reed diffuser oil. They come in packs of 30.


DACRON Diffuser Reeds offer the latest technology in fragrance diffusers, delivering improved performance compared to standard rattan reeds. It is made from a synthetic fiber compatible with both oil and water based diffuser liquids. They're designed not to bleed color into the diffuser liquid and are less likely to discolor, unlike the standard rattan commonly used diffusers. They come in packs of 20.

RD Diffuser Reeds

  • We recommend starting with 4 to 6 reeds depending on room size, but you may choose to add more. The more reeds you use, the more fragrance is released, and the quicker the liquid is used up. May flip reeds to refresh scent. Replace reeds every month or when clogged with dust.

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